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Add readme, mention github in tips.
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<script type="text/javascript" src="fl.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var tips = [
- "Use <tt>(help)</tt> to list all symbols, \
+ "Use <tt>(help)</tt> to list all symbols, \
<tt>(help <em>symbol</em>)</tt> to get some help on a symbol",
- "The best funk band around is \
+ "The best funk band around is \
<a href='http://lakilan.pl'>Łąki Łan</a>.",
"Looking for strings, I/O, hashtables, goodies? Nope. Not yet.",
"Lisp code is data. Turn your metaprogramming skills to use.",
"Press <em>Shift+Enter</em> to insert a line break",
"Funky Lisp is quite Quick&Dirty, JavaScript keeps lurking in.",
- "No error goes ignored, but not many errors make sense. \
+ "No error goes ignored, but not many errors make sense. \
Use your smarts if something goes wrong.",
"TODO: Macros.",
- "Funky Lisp is inspired by \
+ "Code lives on GitHub! Go and check: \
+ <a href='https://github.com/harry666t/funkylisp' \
+ >https://github.com/harry666t/funkylisp</a>",
+ "Funky Lisp is inspired by \
<a href='http://schemers.org/'>Scheme</a>.",
("Send love, praise, blame, feedback, cookies and monies to: \
<a href='mailto:harry666t+gmail.com'>harry666t+gmail.com</a>"
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+# Funky Lisp
+An extremely quick & dirty Scheme-like language interpreter in pure
+JavaScript. Should run on any browser. Provides an integrated REPL.
+Braindead setup, just drop the files in a local directory or serve
+through any web server, then go to fl.html.